Socks Socks Socks!!

So in addition to knitting a sweater and two shawls (that I can see from my laptop, I’m sure I have more stashed someplace), and a few new designs (I know, I should totally have had those released by now, but the summer has been insanely crazy), I have two pairs of socks OTN, and yarns picked out for my next two pairs!

I’m knitting both socks from Ann Budd’s book Getting Started Knitting Socks. I…

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Weird lighting, but they’re done!!! Love them :)
#operationsockdrawer #malabrigo

Regency Handbag

I think I have a bad case of startitis…. All I’ve done all weekend is start projects! So I guess that means I do have a bad case…..

I have a bunch of this yarn I don’t particularly like (Patons Lace, but I’m not naming names). It’s okay in the skein (sticky from the mohair), but I don’t know…. I just isn’t my favorite. The colors are the only things that it has going for it.

Anyway, I have three…

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Brightest socks yet. And I do not have a problem with starting projects and not finishing them.


Two at a time on two circulars.

Its done!!! Well, the front and back. Need to knit sleeves, but its getting there!

Back finished!!! Just joined to knit the front right side. I might have a sweater by the end of next week!!!

One finished!!!! Colors aren’t quite right, but pretty close!

Question for you!!

I need your help! I’m looking too find an awesome RSS reader so I can get all the many blogs I follow in one place.  Which one do you use?  Is there one that send to be more user friendly than others? I’ve been looking online at different articles about RSS readers,  and everybody has contrary and conflicting information. Share your favorite with me,  please! 


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A Pretty Sock for a Crappy Day

A Pretty Sock for a Crappy Day

Tuesday for me was a bad day. Nothing particularly wrong, but I hated it. Nothing seemed to be going for me. So when I had the need to knit, but no WIP said work on me (seriously, a pile of sweater on my lap when it was warm in the house and I felt icky? Yeah, no), I found a very pretty skein of Malabrigo Rios Worsted I was given in a yarn swap, and my sock knitting books, and dug in. I settled…

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Love how this yarn is knitting up. Definitely making up for a bad day.
Malabrigo Rios worsted on US5 dpns.

Mindless sock knitting for a crappy day. The yarn makes it better

It looks like a sweater!!

I’ve finished the left side on my Midwinter Cardigan, and I’m so proud :D Yeah, its just a sweater, but it’s my first sweater, so I’m super excited :D I just started working on the back, so hopefully next week I’ll have a brand new finished sweater!

Baby Feets

It seems like lately every time I look, someone else I know is pregnant or knows someone else who is pregnant or I remember I owe someone a baby gift….. Good thing baby booties are quick and cute! :D In my copy of Knit Your Socks on Straight, Alice Curtis has a baby bootie pattern that is cute and simple and hopefully I can get several sets knit before the babies out grow them! :D


I’m using…

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Cardigan Update: You Can See the Cables!!

Cardigan Update: You Can See the Cables!!

I’m so excited! I’ve been working on my Midwinter Cardigan, and I’ve finished enough of the body that you can now see how the cable looks. I love it so much :D

20140822_194914 (1)

I’m knitting my cardigan with Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool, which while listed as a bulky yarn on Ravelry is knitting up to the gauge listed in the pattern, and looks lovely. I’m hoping that in the next few weeks I’ll be done with the…

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