My first graze box. Don’t know how exactly vegan they all are, but they sound yummy, and the cinnamon honey almonds with poppyseed pretzels are pretty good.

NEW PATTERN: Fairy’s Heart

NEW PATTERN: Fairy’s Heart

It’s here! It’s here!

I finally have this pattern all done and ready for you guys! I’m so excited!


May I introduce Fairy’s Heart? A simple garter stitch shawl knit in three colors of DK weight yarn that gradually evolves into garter stitch lace by means of asymmetrical rays of eyelets. Just the sort of thing a fairy might wear on her way to do a bit of shopping for her and her sweetheart, or…

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Pattern designing jigsaw puzzle….. Time for math and actually knitting

Pattern designing jigsaw puzzle….. Time for math and actually knitting

I might have gone shopping…. good thing since I found awesome patterns for next years classes and I found stitches designs that will will work for what I am designing next!!!

I need help finding lace stitches that kind of look like these super awful sketches….. anybody have any good links to share?

They’re finished!!! Now it needs to not be 100 so I can wear them!

I love it when publishers put pretty things underneath the book jackets

6 projects OTN and what do I do? Start another sock…..

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! And it’s April! The year is officially a quarter over, and I’m trying to figure out where it went…

I’m working on my Magpie this week, trying desperately to finish this up by this time next week, so I can wear it out and about! And so that I can work on the Magnify MKAL guilt free now that the first clue has been released!

Isn’t it pretty?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the beads!

magpie wing


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Monday Musings

Don’t worry about finishing this…. I think it looks just perfect as is. I’m the official kitty knitty tester!

kitty and magpie

Also, there is some new skeins of yarn in the Etsy shop!

Happy Monday!

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Etsy Update…

Etsy Update…

Happy Monday! I just wanted to let you all know that over the weekend I added several skeins of destash yarn to my Destash section of my Etsy shop!

Over the next week or so I’ll be adding some handmade knitting needles, a weaving loom, a bunch of diffent knitting magazine back issues from all different magazines (like Knitting Today, Interweave Knits, et cetera), and lots of other different items…

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WIP Wednesday 2.8

Happy Wednesday! March is flying by, and I still have two shawls and an engagement gift to finish! But that’s a good thing, time flying means I’m busy and productive. I like busy only when it is combined with productive.

I haven’t done much knitting on my Maenad shawl, but I love how the yarn is striping with the garter stitch short rows. And I am SOOOOOOO in love with my new Addi Clicks! The…

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WIP Wednesday 2.7

Happy Wednesday!

I promised you progress shots of my Maenad shawl and my Fairy Lace hat! I remembered!


I love how the shawl is so jewel-toned. I can’t wait to finish it! The hat I love too! Even though the black dye came off onto my needles… Good thing I bought a new needle set! See the shiny metal needles on my Maenad? Those are my brand new Addi Click Lace needles I got from a super nice…

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Monday Musings 09 March

Kitty says: The time change is bad. Very Very bad. You need to stay home. Look, I’m laying on your shawl. You can’t go anywhere

FO Friday 2.3 (with a WIP update)

FO Friday 2.3 (with a WIP update)

Wohoo! It’s Friday! :D

So sorry I’ve been quite of late, but I’m frantically trying to finish up the samples for a new design so I can get it to my testers! I have one sample finished, and I’m working on the second… Mental note for next time: Take much better (ie: more detailed) notes so you don’t pull your hair out wondering what you meant to be knitting… I’ll share pictures with you of the…

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